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Compounds in Jeddah which provide the highest level of luxurious comfort

About compounds in Jeddah
In Jeddah, compounds are gated residences. Many people look for just a list of compounds in Jeddah to live in where they can meet expatriates from all around the world, except your own nation, and share similar experiences. Some of the greatest compounds in Jeddah are renowned, providing a wide range of activities for both children and adults, while some are ideal or are on a tight budget, offering a wide range of amenities to fit your requirements. To find the greatest new compound in Jeddah for you, read this post.

Types of accommodation in Jeddah
Housing allowances are really a fair core component of Saudi employment contracts and may include a specific amount, a percentage of the employee's salary, or, throughout the case of larger employers, also the requirement of the estate. Housing allowances are a moderately standard part of Saudi employment contracts and may include a specific amount, a proportion of an employee's salary, or even the provision of a property. The business, as well as the complex, typically have rental contracts.
Jeddah's compound housing is usually fully equipped. Unfurnished housing, on either hand, can be found for just a little lesser price. Expats who prefer to travel light can request a soft package, which comprises a bed, towels, cutlery, and tableware for an extra charge. Aside from just that, there has been a multitude of shops that sell high-quality household items.
Expats may eventually ship all of their possessions to establish a second home, but this would be a substantial large asset. Most ex-pats move only with their possessions and live on the services offered by the compound.

J One Complex
It is a top residential building that provides tenants with exquisite accommodations and a modern lifestyle with easy access to hospitals, shopping malls, foreign schools, as well as other amenities. This compound is among the latest in Jeddah, comprising 242 semi-furnished apartments of different sizes and designs to serve a variety of demands.
7007 Muhammad Masud As Salamah District Jeddah 23, 21577 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
+966 50 805 1028 is the phone telephone number.

Sharbatly Village
Sharbatly Village has around 1000 villas varying sizes from one household size, each with private lawns. At financing options, most are unfurnished and others are furnished. Sharbatly village offers superior services that focus on maintaining a safe and healthy environment. A Health Club with a gym, aerobics and gymnastic studio, communal bar, meeting room, inter room, library, swimming pool, and spa & salon also is accessible in the village. There is now a team dedicated to planning activities for adults and children, like art exhibitions, handicrafts, and ladies' banquets.
Location: Al Marwah, Jeddah 21411, Prince Mutaib bin Abdulaziz Rd
Phone number: +966 12 6822293

Residential Units Types

  • Villas with one bedroom.
  • Villas with two bedrooms.
  • Villas with three bedrooms.
  • Villas with four bedrooms.
  • Villas that can be customized.

Cherry salon, massage, and wonderful exercise are all part of the health club and gym.
The central pool offers basketball, tennis, water polo, a conference center, or a children's playground.
Golf Center, Snooker, Basket, Basketball, Football Pitch, Cricket Pitch, and Squash Rooms all are located on the eastern pool.
Saudi City Compound
Saudi City is the largest compound in Jeddah, with excellent connectivity to Prince Sultan Rd and Rawdah St. The pricing of units in the Saudi city compounds are very reasonable and economical considering the size and facilities provided.
23421 Prince Saud Al Faisal road, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah
Phone number: 012 6820030

Amenities of Saudi City Compound
  • The park is open and green.
  • Station of a gas station
  • Cinema.
  • Supermarket.
  • Cafes and restaurants.
  • There are seven recreation centers, as well as swimming pools and a gym.
  • A football field and a tennis court are both available.
  • Pharmacy.
  • There are two kindergartens and childcare.
  • Laundry.
  • Pest control and upkeep.
  • Limousine and bus services are available.

Al Andalus
Al Andalus is really a new complex in Jeddah which is operated with Dur Hospitality but is located throughout the Al Andalus district. The property features 30 luxuriously furnished two-story homes featuring absolute anonymity, safety, and a welcoming atmosphere for families.
Al Andalus is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 23326.
Phone number: (+966) 11 481 6666

Amenities of Al Andalus
  • Shaded parking is available for a fee.
  • Each property does have its own front garden.
  • Basketball court, pool house, sauna, gym, wine cellar, ping pong, baby-foot tables, and jacuzzi are one of the sports and recreational activities offered.

Aramco Compound – Arabian Homes Compound
Aramco chose Arabian houses to provide housing because of its staff and students. The two- or three-bedroom flats in the family housing units are equivalent to the bachelor's flats. The complex includes satellite Television, pools, jacuzzis, saunas, a gymnasium, basketball courts, inter courts, and amusement parks, as well as a transit system to school and commercial areas with 24-hour service.
Al-Batarji Street, Al-Zahra District (North West) Jeddah.
Phone number: 699 1259 ext 300

Amenities Aramco Compound
  • Swimming pools are a popular recreational activity.
  • Tennis and squash courts are available.
  • Hall for recreation.
  • Gym.
  • Sauna and steam bath.
  • Satellite television and ADSL internet access are available.

Lotus Compound
Lotus also referred to as Lotus 4, is a cafe in north Jeddah that opened in 1992. This property contains 160 homes, including 41 houses having four beds, 71 villas with 3 beds, 49 villas with 2 rooms, and 47 villas including one bedroom. To meet the demands of renters, the Lotus compound additionally provides security and reliability services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lotus 4 prioritizes purity in all aspects, from swimming pools to water.

STREET AL NAIM DIST, Jeddah 21412, Prince Sultan Road
PMDC is in charge of safety, safety, and maintenance. The property is completely protected by good security staff 24 hours a day. The compound's immediate vicinity is also monitored. Maintenance services are available for renters 24 hours a day to react to their demands. The compound has a comprehensive cleanliness and supply chain management routine. Routine janitorial services are provided for communal areas, pools are cleaned each day as needed, and freshwater is constantly checked.
The landscaping is kept lush or the gardens are well-kept. Daily transport to schools and shopping malls is provided free. In fact, for a small price, an exclusive limousine is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
STREET AL NAIM DIST, Jeddah 21412, Prince Sultan Road
Phone number: 0126548808
Amenities of Lotus Compound
Mini-market, restaurants, playground, ball fields, pool table, gym, recreation hall, and French-language daycare for children aged 1.5 to 3 years. Transportation by bus to/from school and shopping, limousine, laundry, pest treatment, and maintenance just are a few of the services available.

Al Rawdah Compound
The Al-Rawdah property has 28 villas of differing shapes, with its own private parking lot, assembly hall, and service provider building. Al Rawdah is a family-friendly community featuring beautiful architecture and outstanding services. Its excellent location is surrounded by shopping centers and restaurants, and also the Jeddah Corniche. Over two stages, there are 28 fully equipped four-bedroom villas, each one with brand new furnishings and electronic devices.
Al Rawdah District, Jeddah 21391, Saudi Arabia
Phone number:+966 56 433 4217

Amenities of Al Rawdah Compound
  • Jacuzzi, sauna, gym, swimming pool, pool refreshments bar, table tennis, tables soccer, and public park are some of the recreational facilities.
  • Snacks and soft drinks are offered just at the coffee lounge.
  • Catering services are provided.
  • Concierge and security services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Free internet service at the reception and coffee lounges, and also free satellite and coded channels.
  • Drivers' lodging and car parking
  • Extra services include laundry, cleaning supplies, and housekeeping.

Getting a place to stay in Jeddah
In Jeddah, demand for compound property far outweighs supply, so locating the appropriate house can take time. Expats should know the implications and lifestyle while picking a compound, rather than just the house itself, so because the usability of a fantastic property is greatly diminished throughout the incorrect area. Also, it's worth noting that, once ex-pats has settled in, changing properties within a complex is simpler than moving from one compound to another. Land ownership websites and advertisements could provide information on Jeddah complexes.
Many companies, but at the other hand, would not have to update their websites on a regular basis, so expats may expect to see photos and information which are outdated. Upon arrival to Saudi Arabia, the majority of the people seek guidance from coworkers and other foreigners.
Fortunately, most expatriates moving to Jeddah may not have to bother over finding an appropriate complex because their employers usually arrange it before they arrive in Saudi Arabia. Expats are usually housed near colleagues and other expatriates, making the transition to ex-pat living in Jeddah much easier.