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Taif Is The City Of Roses In Saudi Arabia

Taif is one of the most ancient city
Taif is among the Kingdom's oldest cities, but it is well as one of the country's most significant summer resorts, owing towards its m above sea level and pleasant summer climate. In a fact, many people visit this city throughout the summer to admire blooming roses that have been grown in the surrounding valleys and slopes.

What is the location of Taif, and how big is it?
Taif is still a Saudi city inside the Makkah region in western Saudi Arabia, predominantly upon on eastern slopes of a Sarawat Mountains, at an elevation of 1700 feet above sea level, rising up 2500 metres as we travel south. Taif is only a junction for major highways coming south, north, southeast, and southwest. From olden history, this has had a tourist, industrial, economic, and martial reputation. It is a popular tourist attraction for inhabitants of a Kingdom or the Gulf Countries, and also tourists to Holy Makkah. It's also been recognized as the country's official summer capital. So it serves as just a venue for Saudi Arabian and overseas delegates and seminars. According the regional system, Taif is among the largest governorates inside the Kingdom as it is one of the governorates of Makkah. Including its administrative governorates, it has a population of 14,131,813 people, with Saudi nationals making for 82.52 percent of the population. Taif region covers a large area of 87,561 square kilometers.

How distant is Taif from the city's most notable landmarks?
The city of roses has many important natural and tourism attractions; in the accompanying, we will show you the most prominent landmarks of Taif, and after each of them in the downtown area.

Saiysad National Park
The Saiysad National Park is surrounded by many gates, but you can only access one of them. Taif's park is indeed an ideal location for group outings. It also is a family-friendly business. There are numerous slides and other leisure activities in the park.

Masjid Al Madhoon Mosque
It is one of the oldest mosques close to Masjid Kou'. This mosque, officially known as Al Qantara Masjid, is well with its Athan tower, which mimics a cylinder and finishes with a spherical peak. This Masjid has been most likely built near the end of the Ottomans. The Masjid itself is closed but not open for prayers. The Minarets, on either hand, are accessible. This era's architecture and design are truly admirable. It is definitely a must when in Taif.

Shubra Palace
Taif's Shubra Palace does have a magnificent façade. The Palace is indeed a one-of-a-kind mix of Roman and Arabic architecture. The Shubra Palace's latticework windows and terraces add to its charm.

Al Rudaf Park
The main entertainment services are needed at Al Rudaf Park: Ponds of music Rocky planet peaks Children's playgrounds Rides for Children There are also flame shows in the park's musical fountain. Al Rudaf Park has been one of Taif's best recreation parks.

Green Mountain Park
Green Mountain Park is a tourist attraction on Taif's Alhada Road. The park has several amusement rides and hosts a range of settings. The park's vegetation is very calming throughout the midst of Taif's deserts. Green Mountain Park is the best tourist spot for parents and kids.

Al Faisaliah Garden
The Al Faisaliah Garden is filled with fountains, slides, swings, and relaxing areas. The garden is very well-kept. The park is well with its barbeques. A flowing fountain can be seen in the garden. The Al Faisaliah gardens are a comfortable and calm setting.

Al Wahbah Crater
The Al Wahbah Crater is really a volcanic crater 250 kilometers from Taif. Another meteorite created this crater's bottom, consisting includes sodium phosphate crystals. The trip to a crater's bottom takes approximately 45-60 minutes. There is a really quaint spot and to add to the problem of climbing up from the crater's bottom, very few tourists visit it. The road to the caldera has a mosque at the entrance, as well as the rim has many upgraded picnicking facilities.

Jouri Mall
Taif's Khalid bin Walid Road that's where you'll find the Jouri Mall. The Mall offers a great mix of public and private companies. Many city-wide competitions are organized at the mall's entertainment section. The Jouri Mall is packed with eateries of all cuisines. Taif's Jouri Mall is an elevated shopping center.

What are Taif's most essential services?
Taif is distinguished by the presence of all basic and tourism facilities to serve the city's locals and tourists. The most significant of such services are:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Parks and gardens
  • mosques
  • Hospitals
  • schools
  • banks
  • Commercial centers and markets

What are the top schools in Taif?
Taif International School
  • Most academic levels
  • British and Egyptian subjects are taught.
  • Phone: 00966127442428 Address:
  • Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib Street, Al-Awda District

Andalusia Schools
  • Academic levels include all levels.
  • Curriculum: the site in general
  • Boys Building: Wadi Waj Road, opposite Al Noor Station, adjacent to Al Shams Hall Phone numbers: 00966583080371 – 00966555446434

Al-Smooth National Schools in Taif
  • Girls at all levels of school
  • General curriculum
  • Phone number: 0581662730
  • Location: Shihar District, Taif

Al Suqair Modern International Schools
  • Academic levels include all levels.
  • American curriculum
  • Phone number: 0554076032 
  • Approaching King Abdulaziz Hospital Al Salamah Street

What are the most well-known hospitals in Taif?
Al-Amin Hospital
  • Intensive care and pediatric care
  • Emergency department 
  • Emergency department 
  • Departments of Physiotherapy and Rheumatology
  • Departments of Physiotherapy and Rheumatology
  • Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Street, Al Salamah
  • Business : 24 hours a day
  • Business hours: twenty - four hours a day, 7 days a week 

Taif Medical Hospital
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Postpartum Care
  • Shifa Road, Taif
  • Business : 24 hours a day
  • Phone: 0127362222

Prince Mansour Hospital
  • Corona Vaccine Center 
  • Psychotherapy and Rehabilitation 
  • Diabetes and Endocrinology Center 
  • Corona Vaccine Center 
  • Business : 24 hours a day
  • Phone: 0127336100

King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital
  • Intensive care actual emergency
  • Home care department 
  • dialysis department
  • One-day surgery
  • Department of the laboratory and blood bank
  • Location: King Fahd Ring Road 
  • Business hours: 24 
  • Phone number: 012731080

What are the greatest grocery stores and supermarkets in Taif?
Lulu Hypermarket
  • Taif's address is Jabal Abhar Street.
  • Working hours: 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.
  • Panda hypermarket
  • Southern Shuhada, Taif
  • 8 a.m. to 1 a.m.
  • Phone: 920027707
Al Anoud hypermarket
  • Umm Al-Arad, and Taif Tufail bin Amr
  • 7 a.m. to 2 a.m.
  • 0127454444 is a phone number.
Bin Dawood Markets
  • Southern Shuhada, Taif
  • 7 a.m. to 12 a.m.
  • Phone number: 920000031

What are Taif's most popular tourist attractions?
Taif offers numerous tourist destinations for families and tourists, even as the city contains numerous significant parks and landmarks, such as:

Shubra Palace
This palace was built in 1904 AD, and it has been transformed into a regional museum that can be visited in 1995. The palace has four floors and much more than 150 rooms, with distinctive design elements combining Islamic and Roman traditions.

Hada City
Al-Hada is one of Taif's best-known tourist attractions. It includes the Al-Hada-Kur route, which has a difference in temperature of nearly 20 degrees Celsius from start to finish. It also has a cable car that runs from the top of the hill to the bottom, and also a variety of wild creatures like monkeys.

Shifa Wilderness Park
This park has become one of Taif's most well-known; it really is identified for its beautiful environment and wonderful climate throughout the year, thanks towards its altitude of around 2500 feet above ground, and roses and palm grass cover the slopes of the hills inside it. This park is 28 kilometres long and offers tourists activities such as climbing and safari trips.

Sisad National Park
Taif's nature reserves include Saiysad National Park. It is situated throughout the city's northeast, surrounded by tree-covered mountains and huge green spaces. It has many vernal pools and waterfalls.

Which Taif resorts are the best?
There are several elevated resorts in Taif that are suitable for spending vacations or having events and weddings; noteworthy amongst them is:

Al Wissam Garden
Al Wissam Garden Resort is characterized by its own elegant family-friendly units. It has a swimming pool, a barbershop, as well as a range of other exquisite facilities.
  • Phone number: 0535511180 
  • Taif, Al-Akhbab District, Omar Bin Al-Khattab Street
  • Prices start at 1,000 riyals per night for the chalets at Al Wissam Garden Resort.

House of Roses Resort
Beit Ward Resort is considered among the nicest resorts in Taif, with very well apartments facing gardens, and also barbecue and child's areas.
  • Muhammadiyah, Mount Dhaka
  • 0555277795
  • Beit Ward Resort's nightly prices start at 590 riyals.

Mountain valley resort
Al Wadi Resort is few other kilometers from the most well-known parks, such as Saiysad National Park and King Faisal Park; this has a number of rented chalets, but also a fitness center and child's play areas.
  • Shifa, Taif
  • 0555338741 is a phone number.
  • Prices: The mountain valley resort's chalets begin at 1150 Saudi riyals and therefore can accommodate 6 people.